At Parker Accounting and Financial Services we believe in a holistic view of your financial life. We are not just about accounting and tax.

Where do you want to go financially, do you really know? Are your assets fully protected? Is debt your friend or your enemy? When do you wish to retire? How do you wish to transition out of a business? These questions and many more can be answered through a collaborative approach between our professional staff and our alliance partners FM Financial.

So often the client feedback we receive at Parker Accounting goes something like: “Wow you guys are more than just accountants” or “I always receive way more than just a tax return”.  At Parker Accounting and Financial Services we care about people.  Many people have the misconception that an accounting firm and accountants in general, are all about numbers and mathematics.  Whilst these are important elements to what we do, they are not everything and they certainly are not the most important things we do.

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