Parker Accounting does not have Registered Company Auditor (RCA) accreditation.  That means, should your business be BHP or perhaps the next BHP we are not able to complete your large company audit or related assurance services.

However, we do love audit work!  We provide audit services for a range of incorporated associations (such as clubs) and not-for-profit entities where appropriate.  Occasionally, the bookkeeping work for such organisations is a bit behind or messy, and sometimes there are more technical questions that need answering on issues such as payroll, GST and annual compliance.  We understand how difficult this can be so we invite you to give us a call rather than leaving things as they are.

Further, at Parker Accounting we do have a Registered SMSF (Self-Managed Superannuation Fund) Auditor.  This means we have the in-house expertise to work with the party who completes your SMSF accounting and administration, by putting the final piece in the puzzle each year with a ATO-required audit.  Our team enjoys the challenges and dynamic environment that come from within the SMSF sphere and we are ready to serve you now.  We must be clear though, that as we do provide accounting and taxation services to SMSF’s, under the rules around auditor independence, we cannot provide both services.  That is, we can audit your fund or we can do the accounts and tax return for the fund, we cannot legally or in good conscience do both.

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